Whitepaper: Consumer returns during and after COVID-19

Drawing conclusions from the results of our global market study into how consumers around the world have preferred to return during the Covid-19 pandemic, and how they plan to afterward. Featuring insights into customer returns preferences with regards to topics such as first-mile transport, label and packaging options, and sustainability. How do customers in your key markets prefer to return?

Learn more in Cycleon white paper.

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My Cycleon Story: Natasha Deo

Natasha is an International Account Executive here at Cycleon with 8 years of experience in Business Development and Marketing, who recently moved to the Netherlands from India.

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The importance of flexible shipping options for consumer returns

A broad and flexible shipping network is just as important for returns as it is for deliveries. Especially in an age where speed and convenience are at the top of consumer’s minds. By being selective and partnering with a variety of postal carriers, brands can ensure that they’re tapping into the best services for their customers, as well as themselves. As each carrier offers different features, such as fast ‘next day’ shipping, green transport options, local drop-off points and lockers, to name but a few, brand can ensure they’re creating the most relevant and custom returns flow for their operations and customer base.

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Cycleon’s Peak Season Toolkit

How can returns be handled more sustainably this peak season?

In a recent poll, we asked what would be the biggest challenge brands would face this peak. With the second most popular answer, 31% of respondents answered that handling returns sustainably would be the greatest challenge.

To learn more about this, check out our quick tips below to discover more about how to approach this peak season in a greener way!

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