Sustainable returns

Improving the environmental and social impact of returns

Key initiatives and stakeholder management


Cycleon enables green and responsible global Commerce through returns solutions.

circular economy

We reduce the environmental impact of returns while enabling the circular economy.


Cycleon has 9 core focus areas to address and reduce the impact of returns with key results.

We have launched a new approach towards sustainability.

Within our Network

Reducing CO2e Emissions

We offer low-emission services through our suppliers. Our network continues to innovate to reduce carbon emissions.

Using Sustainable Materials

We strive to use recycled or recyclable materials in our network.  

Using Clean Energy

We're continuously embracing renewable energy sources within our network and services.

In Our Services

Promoting Eco-Friendly solutions

We promote our environmentally friendly services to ensure we increase the impact of our sustainable solutions.

Recovering Resources

Ensuring products are eligible to be resold, refurbished, re-used or recycled is our core business. ​

Smart Routing

We make sure that each product is routed optimally to reduce value depreciation and avoid waste.  

As a Company

Supporting local communities

We encourage and support initiatives that contribute to a positive social impact.  

Social Entrepreneurship

We are motivated to offering support outside initiatives that align with our vision on sustainability.

Ensuring Sustainability Awareness

Ensuring that sustainability is sewn into the fabric of our company culture.

Responsible Commerce

Best Practices

We’re committed to helping make commerce as a whole more sustainable.

Sustainability As a Service

Meet Buyer Demands

Environmentally-friendly options in commerce are fast becoming a valued feature by consumers.

Count on Cycleon

The Returns Experts

With over 16 years of experience in engaging the circular economy.

Sustainable returns

Transparent Policies

Your Questions Answered

We’re committed to being the front-runner of reducing the environmental footprint of returns. As such, we’re ensuring an eco-friendly option for returns is available in every priority country in 2021.

We work with partners who share our commitment to promote sustainable practices through innovation and local solutions. We frequently measure our current suppliers on sustainability and are also adding new partners that share our vision to our network regularly.

We take a three-fold approach to sustainability at Cycleon. Ensuring that we implement sustainable practices within our network, in our services, and throughout our company culture.

We’re committed to working with suppliers who offer CO2e neutral services, and with transport providers who have low-emission and electric vehicles. We also embrace local solutions to avoid unnecessary transportation of returns.

We strive to offer sustainable returns

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