Sustainability products

We strive for delivering environmentally sustainable returns solutions.

We realize the importance of informing our clients about their impact and enabling them to choose for sustainable solutions.

Sustainability reporting

We value being as transparent as possible when it comes to sustainable operations within our network. To do so we make sure to report on several metrics from which we can measure areas that are doing well, as well as spaces we can improve, or encourage partners to work on.

CO2 reporting

Basic CO2 report

Our free CO2 report shows the average emissions per parcel based on Cycleon’s complete network.

Advanced CO2 report

This client-specific report shows the average CO2 p/parcel. The results are shown per postal company (supplier), country & transport leg

Other Reporting*

*Only as a part of “full circle package”

Supplier Sustainability Score report*

We rate our suppliers on various sustainability factors regularly. These results are shared in the Supplier Sustainability Score (SSS) report.

Waste & Energy report*

The materials used in operations are monitored quarterly and are split by material type. The report also includes the energy consumption and the type of energy used.

Return to Zero

Cycleon goal is to become carbon neutral by 2025.

We find that reducing CO2e emissions is the most important step to becoming sustainable. This is why we invest in the sustainability of our network (insetting), accelerating the positive impact of our services. Investing in ‘our’ network is really investing in our clients’ network since they use our services. By providing services with less CO2e emissions, more renewable energy, and innovative sustainability solutions, we reduce our environmental impact close to home. 

Some of the CO2e emissions in our network, unfortunately, we are not able to reduce (yet). For these remaining emissions, we provide the service of carbon offsetting. 


Full-Circle Package

Full-Circle service facilitates our collaborative approach through providing fact-based insights of your returns, sharing relevant market insights and working together with you to achieve our shared sustainability targets.

Copy of Cycleon sustainability Products

What is included?

Sustainability reports

    • Advanced CO2 report
    • Supplier Sustainability Scores
    • Waste & energy report


    • Market insights
    • Collaboration sessions
    • Opportunities

Return to Zero

    • Carbon offsetting
    • Impact fund