Cycleon Sustainability Impact Report

Sustainability is not just a buzzword or hype at Cycleon; we take sustainability seriously and make it fact-based, accessible and transparent. 

In this report you will see how we envision sustainability and what we are doing to make that a reality. 

Have a scroll through our Impact Report to understand how we approach sustainability and which changes we are making to improve the environmental and social impact of returns. 


We focus on making returns as sustainable as we can, with the most positive environmental impact possible. 

Our clients choose to use our services and network to take good care of their returns. Instead of only taking good care of them, we also make sure we do so with a future-proof approach and with sustainable solutions. This might still sound a little vague, so let’s share some details. 

One important note from Cycleon is that we don’t tackle sustainability on our own, but collaborate instead.

We see sustainability as a common objective and therefor include our clients in reaching our sustainability targets.
How do we include our clients? Well, we use their contribution to our Impact Fund to invest in sustainable improvements in our operational network. The Impact Fund is supported by all clients and is used to make all of their returns more sustainable in less time.
Curious about the Impact Fund? You can find out more on our Return to Zero page

Another development to show our commitment to collaboration is our GOODPRINT channel, which is used to share insights from various industries and angles, all relating to sustainable returns. With GOODPRINT, we foster sustainability collaboration and knowledge sharing for our partners, clients and field experts. Webinars are hosted and whitepapers are published to reach a bigger audience and spread the positive impact. 

We strive for delivering environmentally sustainable returns solutions and spreading our impact globally. 

We find that the best way to improve our environmental impact is to start with our global operational network. Changing the fuels used for transportation, reducing distances travelled and keeping products local when possible are a few examples of how improvements in our operations can reduce carbon emissions. We also look at other factors, which you can read more about in this section. 

We increase the impact of our sustainable operational network by making sure it is used widely. We do this by making sustainability accessible to our clients through our sustainability products and services. The more people use the sustainable returns solutions, the more positive impact we can achieve! 

Another piece of the puzzle is our organization itself. Cycleon’s employees are encouraged to contribute to a positive social impact through social entrepreneurship and volunteering. Also, sustainability does not start and stop in the office, we also shed light on our personal environmental and social impact. We measure our personal environmental impact, ensure everybody is aware of how they can contribute to a cleaner world and show each other where to buy sustainable products through our Sustainable Catalogue. 

You can click on the buttons below to go to our dedicated pages where you can find more information about our activities. 


We value being as transparent as possible when it comes to sustainable operations within our network. To do so, we make sure to report on several metrics from which we can measure areas that are doing well, as well as spaces we can improve or encourage partners to work on.

How we are improving our operations network

Within our network

Our status in May 2022

We update our progress status regularly, so that developments can be followed throughout the year. 

CO2 per Parcel

We developed a CO2 calculation tool specifically for our network, so that we have accurate insights regarding our emissions. Find out more.

310 grams of CO2 per parcel is emitted in Cycleon's network

Average Network Sustainability Index Score

Our Network Sustainability Index score measures the sustainability of our partners. We use it to steer our network towards a greener future. 

Sustainable shipments

Alternative fuels in transport

We look for alternative fuels for our transport to reduce the CO2 emissions. HVO is an option which is easy to implement, so we use HVO in our transport network where possible. It creates 89% less CO2 p/km driven! HVO is not available everywhere, so we look for other alternatives for the remaining main transport routes.

Status: HVO is live with our key client and we are looking for more lanes to implement

Q3 2022 – New routes of HVO will be added

Reusable packaging

We explore the opportunities for reusable packaging to find out where we can reduce the use of single-use cartons in our operations. We collaborate with packaging experts to come to a proper design and collaborate with clients to test. We plan to roll it out as an option to all our clients in 2022. Until we have durable reusable packaging available, we reuse returned regular cartons with our key client.

Status: We are re-using 49% our regular cartons in our network already, saving 19 tonnes of CO2 per month. 

Q3 2022 – Pilot2 of Reusable packaging is planned.

Renewable energy

We switch from regular to renewable energy in our ERC, which leads to a reduction of approx. 134K kg CO2 p/year! We look for the same improvement in our other main warehouse locations in 2022.

Status : ERC switch retracted due to price increase. We are looking for alternatives.


Our projects focused on improving our services

in our services

Consumer behaviour

Where possible, we want to encourage consumers to return their goods in the most sustainable way. We reach the consumers in our return portal, which is where we make some changes to nudge towards sustainable behaviour.

Starting this year we will enable the “eco-choice” feature which informs consumers on the portal about which of the available return options is the most sustainable. Additionally, we ask them to drop-off by foot or by bike where possible. Also, they can leave their remaining packaging material in in the return and we will take care of the proper recycling for them.

Status:  Roll out Drop-off by foot and Eco-choice are LIVE!

Sustainable resource recovery 

We have expanded our resource recovery network and now we can provide textile fibre-to-fibre recycling in the EU & UK.

We continuously look for sustainable resource recovery solutions for our clients and will add more facilities to our network in 2022 and 2023 to have a global yet local coverage. We are also looking into new circularity solutions such as repairing, donating and reselling. We are in the midst of our market research and business cases.

Status: Launched in UK and EU

Q4 2022 – North America

Sustainability products

At the end of the 2021 we have rolled out our sustainability focused products: sustainability reporting, carbon offsetting and our Full-circle package.

Status : Products are live!

Learn more here!


Our projects focused on improving us as a company.

as a compnay


The purpose of the GOODPRINT is to create a platform for sustainability collaboration with field experts, network partners, clients & innovators.

Status: Goodprint is live, while being improved continuously.

Learn more here.

Webinar and workshops

Webinars regarding sustainability are hosted regularly, sharing lessons learned from our clients and partners.

Additionally to external oriented webinars, the Cycleon sustainability manager also hosts internal workshops to inform and educate about Cycleon sustainability efforts and personal environmental impact.

Circularity & sustainability guest lectures

We expand our sustainability efforts beyond our clients and partners.

Cycleon’s Sustainability manager also gives guest lecturer informing young adults about environmental issues and solutions, also receiving their feedback on what they are expecting as consumers.

Q4 2021 – Done! Guest lecture at BUAS Tilburg, NL

Q2 2022 – Done! TU Delft, NL

Volunteering days

Throughout the year the Cycleon team helps the society by volunteering, enabled thanks to 2 days per year provided by Cycleon especially for that!

Apart of these dedicated volunteering days, Cycleon organizes company events with a positive impact, such as a beach clean-up.

2021 –  20% days used!

2022 – Goal – 100%