Modular returns solutions

Solutions by Industry

E-commerce & Retail

Today’s consumers demand a great customer experience, including a variety of ways to returns that suit every budget and lifestyle. Getting returns right increases customer lifetime value.

Fashion & Apparel

The return process is a key factor in successful cross-border sales as customers demand an omnichannel approach with a great experience, from choices in buying the product, free shipping, to multiple free options in returning the purchased item. 

Hi-Tech & Electronics

We manage the return experience for electronic products for both consumers and retailers. Co-ordinating the returns flow by overseeing activities such as item replacements and exchanges, alongside reconditioning and recycling initiatives.

Printing & Imaging

Based on your requirements, we inspect your returned products and grade them. Grading enables us to decide whether to dispose of the product. Products in pristine condition will be considered as A-stock and can be placed back into stock in your warehouse. 

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Solutions by Use Case
Custom-built solutions tailored to your needs

Returning products should be as easy as ordering. Our mission is to reduce the complexity of reverse logistics while enhancing flexibility, transparency, and control.

We understand that every customer and retailer is different. That’s why we offer a range of ways to return and solutions that work for anyone, including drop-off locations and parcel pickups from single packages to pallets.

Using our end-to-end solutions, we offer an optimized returns flow with a shorter lead time. To make sure your customers receive their refunds as soon as possible.

We’re committed to reducing the environmental footprint of return deliveries. To achieve this, we’ll ensure a green return option in every priority country. 

Our solutions allow for seamless and customer-friendly returns that will boost your brand image, encourage future spending and improve customer lifetime value.

Our detailed data reporting is compiled under one single and easy-to-use platform. Meaning that you can track returns data at every stage and use these insights to inspire future business decisions.

Role-relevant Solutions

Customer Experience

An average of a 25% improvement on your NPS score.

Customer Experience (CX) specialists must design and deliver exceptional services to potential and existing customers. Our clients experience on average a 25% improvement on their Net Promoter Score (NPS) thanks to smart Portals, notifications, convenient return procedures, instant refunds, and more.

Customer Services

Reduction of back-end workload by up to 50%.

Customer Services provide product and service information and resolve any issues that may arise before, during, and after the sales process. We improve your service flexibility while reducing Customer complaints and your back-office workload by an average of 40%.

Information Technology

Reverse logistics and state-of-the-art IT integration.

IT Engineers design systems enforce standards to maximize network performance. We combine Logistics with a state-of-the-art IT platform to integrate front-end interfaces, back-end customer systems, carrier management, compliance management, and contracts, with
end-to-end visibility.


We remove the complexity out of your product returns with local warehouses.

As an Operations professional you ensure that your business runs as efficiently as possible while thinking strategically about your systems and processes. Learn how we remove the complexity out of your product returns and reduce your warehouse workload.


Reduce the hidden costs of reverse logistics management by up to 50%.

Procurement is responsible for finding cost-effective deals and suppliers. As pioneers in returns management, we can support your strategy by reducing your total cost of ownership by 15%; increasing Sales by 20%; reduce Customer Services costs by 40% amongst other benefits.


Sustainable returns solutions, and resource recovery.

As a Sustainability Manager, you’re in charge of developing and implementing environmental strategies. Cycleon offers sustainable returns solutions through resource recovery, smart routing, and the effective management of our network.