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Future-proof return solutions with Returns Management

Why a different and better approach to returns is needed


Ad-hoc, re-active solutions might fix the problem now, but can create more issues in the long run.


Different return solutions providers that are not fully integrated result in losing insight and oversight into your returns process.


The more solutions you implement, the more complex your network is to manage.

Paradigm Shift: a holistic approach to managing returns

Returns management entails an extensive post-sale procedure and a complete end-to-end returns solution. In this model, a company takes full ownership of the entire process and has a complete overview of the whole ecosystem and all the parties involved. The logistics that support the most efficient and effective approach to returns are driven by sophisticated technology.

Best-in-class seamless returns experience Boosting Consumer Loyalty

Cost-efficient, fast returns with Flexible Capacity

Grow to new regions and markets no matter the Return Volume

Introduction to three Principles of Returns Management

Returns Management Focuses on the Full Returns Journey

Return operations are as strong as its weakest link. The return process, from initiation to redeployment, is long. And it is hard to resist to invest time and money (only) where it hurts the most. But winning return management processes are optimized at every step of the journey, in an integrated way.

Returns Management is Data-driven ​

Reverse logistics is a significant ‘line of business’. It cannot be dealt with reactively or based on gut-feel. Returns need to be managed, based on facts and insights. Real-time, all the time. Every event throughout the returns journey triggers a data point. In modern returns operations this data drives instant and automated business rules & decisions.

Returns Management Connects the Entire Returns Ecosystem ​

Warehouses, logistics fulfilment centers, carriers, market places, software integration providers, …. the amount of parties involved with returns is dazzling. It’s hard to keep up and impossible to do all inhouse. To manage returns you need to work together. The variety of fragmented processes and partners need to be a symbiotic returns eco-system.

" Our enterprise clients are saving bottom-line costs. How? We orchestrate and optimize all their existing return flows from stores, marketplaces and ecommerce. And the best thing is, our clients can focus on what's most important, selling their products and shipping them outbound! Revenue up, costs down. Simple! "

Otto de Werd, VP of Sales at Cycleon

Returns Management is Data-driven

Returns Management Connects the Entire Returns Ecosystem ​

At Cycleon we constantly innovate and develop product to cover every step of the returns journey.

Our modular menu of products allows you to decide which exact logistics services you’d like to offer your B2B or B2C customers in each leg of the journey.

With presence in 100+ countries and 25+ partners there is no limit to how we can accommodate your growth. 

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Returns Management is Data-driven ​

At Cycleon we combine our outstanding physical (logistics) network with best-in-class digital technology.

At the heart: our integrated returns management platform. It aligns all stakeholders and offers portals, backend integrations and sharing of data from all related systems.

The platform enables full visibility of data throughout the returns journey to optimize the process.

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Returns Management Connects the Entire Returns Ecosystem ​

At Cycleon we take 100% care of your returns, so you don’t have to. Our dedicated clients teams:

    • drive your day to day returns operation
    • manage the (ever expanding) network of partners and suppliers
    • resolve issues that arise and
    • seek for opportunities to optimize processes.

We’re focussed towards taking away the hassle of complex returns.

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