Return to Zero​

At Cycleon we take a combined approach of carbon offsetting and insetting;

Maximising the impact of carbon-reducing activities.

Cycleon’s goal is to become carbon neutral by 2025.

We find that reducing CO2e emissions is the most important step to becoming sustainable. This is why we invest in the sustainability of our network (insetting), accelerating the positive impact of our services. Investing in ‘our’ network is really investing in our clients’ network since they use our services. By providing services with less CO2e emissions, more renewable energy, and innovative sustainability solutions, we reduce our environmental impact close to home. 

Some of the CO2e emissions in our network, unfortunately, we are not able to reduce (yet). For these remaining emissions, we provide the service of carbon offsetting to our clients. 

Impact Fund

In 2021 Cycleon has established the impact fund to put aside earnings from sustainability services.

The Impact Fund is used for investing in a sustainable network for us and our clients. We closely track where the investments are used and what impact is achieved by this change. 

This reduces the future emissions in our network and facilitates a future-proof solution for our clients. 

Any funding which is not assigned to an investment at the end of the year, is used for sustainability purposes such as donations, sustainable innovation projects or suggestions from our Return to Zero clients.

How will we do it?

Reducing harmful emissions

Switching to alternative fuels for transports in our operations

Switching to renewable energy with our warehouse partners

Investing in the future

Investing in reusable packaging

Investing in sustainable material recovery solutions

Supporting sustainable entrepreneurship

Sustainable partners

Renewable energy

Alternative fuels

Social impact projects


Carbon Offsetting

Carbon offsetting is a method used to compensate for the emitted CO2e in the environment.

Carbon offsetting balances the emissions that were generated by reducing them elsewhere. This is done through efforts of people and projects worldwide. The pre-requisite of carbon offsetting is that the effect of the activity should be an additional reduction of CO2e. This means that, without this carbon offsetting project, the CO2e reduction would not have taken place. 

There are many types of projects through which carbon offsetting can be achieved. To ensure we uphold the pre-requisite of offsetting (additional reduction of CO2e), we are careful about which projects we offset with. Our projects are verified and monitored to make sure the credits are used properly. 

Our clients can compensate their emissions through us.