QUICK TIPS: How to Achieve More Sustainable Returns This Peak Season

How can returns be handled more sustainably this peak season?

In a recent poll, we asked what would be the biggest challenge brands would face this peak. With the second most popular answer, 31% of respondents answered that handling returns sustainably would be the greatest challenge.

To learn more about this, check out our quick tips below to discover more about how to approach this peak season in a greener way!

1.Circular Returns

Don’t let your returns go to waste. Ensure each returned item can have a new function or end destination through resale and re-purposing.

circular returns image

2.  Local Solutions

Keep returns operations local to reduce the C02 emissions associated with long-haul or cross-border transport.

local solutions image

3. Clean Energy

Ensure your first-mile transport is supported by suppliers that embrace clean energy such as electric vehicles or carbon-free options.

clean energy image

4. Digital Alternatives

Embracing digital solutions, such as paperless labels, reduces paper usage and makes the returns process more automated and seamless.

digital alternatives image

5. Responsible Recycling

When returned items cannot be resold, it’s important that they’re recycled correctly and locally to lower the environmental impact.

responsible recycling image

Greener returns solutions with Cycleon…

Outperforming competitors and impressing your consumer base during peak season is a great way to improve customer lifetime value and encourage shoppers to become repeat spenders. By offering your customers an optimized returns flow, along with greener options, during the busiest time of year you’ll build trust and reputation in the market. 

At Cycleon, we offer an array of products that combine IT and logistics to secure robust returns flows for our clients, through peak and throughout the rest of the year, worldwide. Looking for some expertise and insights ahead of peak? Get in touch! 

Want to learn more about how Cycleon can improve your returns process?


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