Enabling optimised returns


Connect from anywhere

Seamless portals and API capabilities
Cycleon aligns all stakeholders in one single platform offering both portals and backend integrations, retrieving and sharing the required data from all related systems.

Fully integrated shipping solutions

Choice and convenience on demand

By coupling technology with logistics, we offer smart solutions for each step of the returns journey. As with all our products, we offer a modular approach; meaning our clients decide which exact logistics services they’d like to offer their B2B or B2C customers in each leg of the journey.

Consumer Services

B2B Services

Last mile services


Local returns handling & smart routing

Our centrally controlled warehouse software empowering our local hubs worldwide

Our data-driven operations play an essential role in getting your items back into the lifecycle at the right place, time and cost. Processes and decisions are easily implemented and adjusted, not only optimizing cost but also driving sustainable solutions.

Keeps consumers, stakeholders and systems updated proactively

Reduce customer contact, complaints, and costs

During the returns journey, we understand that it’s important for you and your customers to stay informed. Through the portals and integrations, your customers can receive labels, messages and updates about their returns.

Gain insights and keep track of your returns network

Reporting & Monitoring

On-demand data keeps you always informed about the process of each and every return. On a daily basis, events are mapped, progress is tracked, and complications are identified so that they can be quickly resolved.

Analytics & Insights

We provide in-depth data at each stage of the return process, and all under one single platform. These insights allow for a deeper understanding of consumer behaviors, commerce trends, and network efficiency.

Take control of your returns network

Connect to the returns ecosystem and reduce complexity and cost

Orchestrating a global returns network is not that easy. Our control tower is equipped to not just manage your day to day return operations, but could orchestrate your entire network for you. From highlighting improvement initiatives, smarter routing alternatives or logistics solutions to following up on a missed pick-up or a lost-in-transit claim.

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