Brexit: How Cycleon Is Supporting Retailers With Their Returns

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Stepping into 2021, businesses have had to make changes in the way they trade cross-border as a result of Brexit. With the UK now residing outside of the European Union, extra checks and steps are needed to ensure that goods are passing in and out of the UK with ease and good timing.

We understand that for retailers, it’s essential that operations are maintained in order to keep customers happy by satisfying expectations with fast delivery and refund lead times. A smooth post-Brexit returns operation also plays a key role in preventing the loss of time and money on items delayed in transit or trapped at customs.

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At Cycleon, we’re Brexit ready! Since the start of this new year, we’ve been successful in supporting our clients and partners through these changes to their UK to EU returns.

Offering tailored solutions that suit our individual clients’ needs and setups. We’re following the customs process at each step of the way and making adjustments where necessary. While also maintaining a steady movement on shipments between the UK and EU throughout the transition.

Getting Customs Right

We’ve succeeded in securing a well-organized UK export process with customs clearance into an array of countries. To achieve this, we closely aligned ourselves with the generic customs procedure, while also remaining flexible enough to tailor aspects of the process to suit the individual needs and legal structures of our clients. Data management is also key to getting customs right. We’ve done this by collaborating with a customs broker in the UK, while also ensuring that we’re able to gather the correct product data from our clients, on an item-level basis. The combination of both facilitates a smooth customs clearance for items moving cross-border. 

We’ve also provided accuracy checks on the data to make sure that it’s correct and suitable. If errors or missing information is found, we immediately seek contact with the relevant retailer to solve this. During this time, we safely set aside and store the returned products until we receive the required data for its onward journey. We’ve installed the accuracy checks directly after the refund triggers, so retailers can continue with fast refunds to their UK clients.

Embracing Local Solutions

The variety of local solutions available in our global and regional hubs have been a valuable addition to facilitating returns for our clients in a post-Brexit marketplace. Within our existing network, both in the UK, EU, and beyond, we’re able to provide value-added services locally. Meaning that the unnecessary transport of goods across the UK/EU border is avoided, along with the associated costs and environmental footprint. In our local hubs, we’re able to register, recondition and store returned items, before smartly re-routing them locally to an ideal end destination where these products will retain their value the most.

As our solutions are agile, easy to scale, and integrate, we’ve been able to secure a seamless returns flow for our clients during and after the Brexit transition. We’re continually monitoring the situation and adapt when necessary to ensure our network is kept optimized and efficient.

Get in touch to discover how our solutions can support your brand in rising to the challenge. Cycleon is here to help!


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