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Whitepaper: Consumer returns during and after COVID-19

19 Jul 2021

Drawing conclusions from the results of our global market study into how consumers around the world have preferred to return during the Covid-19 pandemic, and how they plan to afterward.

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Tackling the Issue of Serial Returners

13 Jul 2021

Serial returning can be a major drain on your profit margins. So, it’s important to understand why this happens and what can be done to reduce how often it occurs. Doing so will help your business to retain the value of original sales and make your returns process less costly.

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3 Ways the Return Process Can Help Reduce the Environmental Footprint of Commerce

21 Jun 2021

The production and sale of newly produced consumer items is not a sustainable practice. The manufacturing, transportation and packaging of these goods alone is impactful on the environment. A process that not only requires many materials, but also vast amounts of energy, which often derive from non-renewable resources. Lately, there...

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Reducing Lead Times to Optimize your Returns Flow

14 Jun 2021

Do you have a returns backlog? Overwhelmed by customer service requests? Looking for support during peak times? These are all issues that retailers commonly face with returns management. Finding solutions to these complaints can save your brand both time and money. That’s where Cycleon can help!

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Engaging with Marketplaces Through Returns

07 Jun 2021

Engaging with online marketplaces is a great way to grow your brand and expand in new markets, both faster and with less effort. Selling through marketplaces can widen your consumer base by introducing your products to new audiences through existing and familiar platforms. 

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Product Returns for Slow Fashion Brands

20 May 2021

Ecommerce continues to boom with no end in sight. The past year has seen online sales increase by almost 50%, largely as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic which has introduced new audiences and created new dependencies on ecommerce. Fashion retailers have witnessed this digital transformation first-hand. 

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Whitepaper: Consumer ‘Return Reasons’

20 May 2021

Whitepaper: Consumer ‘Return Reasons’ For retailers, returns are an unavoidable daily occurrence. For purchases made in-stores return rates hover around 9%, rising to 30% for e-commerce orders. That’s 1 in 4 online orders that are likely to end up as a return, and this is costly for brands. Not only...

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From Return to Resale: Integrating Reconditioning Activities in Your Returns Flow

17 May 2021

Returns play a key role in the overall consumer buying process. The average return rate for online shopping is 30%, compared to just 9% from purchases at brick-and-mortar stores. Yet this figure is likely now much higher due to the ecommerce boom of 2020. Largely as a result of the...

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