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24 FEBRUARY 2021

Narvar and Cycleon Partner to Create Global Returns Solutions

Retailers can simplify reverse logistics with this end-to-end returns solution
that seamlessly integrates elegant customer experience and convenient options
with efficient processing and value recovery.

18 FEBRUARY 2021

Securing seamless returns in a post-Brexit marketplace

Since the start of this new year, we’ve been successful in supporting our clients and partners through the Brexit transition. Securing a well- organized UK export process with customs clearance into an array of European countries.

18 FEBRUARY 2021

New Regional Returns Center Opened in Waco, Texas, USA

This new return center will help to shorten lead times in central USA by 20%. This is an exciting development as shortened lead times are beneficial for retailers, as well as customers.



31 MARCH 2021


With shopping from home now the norm, brands and retailers must also consider how they can retrieve unwanted products from their customers. To meet consumer demands, the returns process must be as quick, easy, and convenient as order deliveries. Just as options such as postal point pick-ups, package lockers, and home delivery is available for outbound, the same multi-channel approach is also highly valuable as part of a return operation. We conducted a study with consumers from the United Kingdom which revealed that..

04 MARCH 2021


Local operations are essential to securing seamless global returns. A flow that satisfies consumer demands, saves time, costs and is environmentally friendly. Regional functionality is more important than ever before, with 58% of consumers expecting completely ‘hassle-free’ returns as the norm. Especially during the past year when the rise of e-commerce transactions, as a result of Covid-19, has prompted higher return volumes across the board.

12 FEBRUARY 2021


Online marketplaces are quickly dominating the retail sphere. With e-commerce only becoming more popular as time goes on, in every sector, from fashion and apparel to electronics and homeware, this trend is set to stay.

Returns for Fashion & Apparel

09 FEBRUARY 2021

Returns and Refunds: An Unexpected Way to Win Future Sales

Returned products are often viewed as lost sales, and the process of returns seen frequently as a cost-draining operation. However, this is only the case when brands do not embrace returns by investing more in reverse logistics. An optimized returns flow can actually, in many cases, deliver an array of benefits for retailers. A crowd-pleasing returns policy, conducted well, can build customer lifetime value and secure future sales. Resulting in protected profit margins, less product waste, and a bolstered brand image.

Cross-border Returns Management

01 FEBRUARY 2021

Brexit: How Cycleon Is Supporting Retailers With Their Returns

Stepping into 2021, businesses have had to make changes in the way they trade cross-border as a result of Brexit. With the UK now residing outside of the European Union, extra checks and steps are needed to ensure that goods are passing in and out of the UK with ease and good timing.

25 JANUARY 2021

How a Customer-Centric Returns Solution Can Strengthen Your Brand

As returns are the last touchpoint customers have with you during a sales transaction, their experience here can highly influence their lasting impression of your brand. That’s why it’s important to understand the wants and needs of your consumer base. In order to craft a return policy that caters to their desires, while also adding value to your aftersales operation.

13 JANUARY 2021

Simple but Effective Ways to Manage Post-Holiday Return Volumes

The Ecommerce boom of 2020 reached its peak during the holiday season, with more people shopping online than ever before. Naturally, increased order numbers resulted in higher return volumes.

06 JANUARY 2021

3 Ways the Return Process Can Help Reduce the Environmental Footprint of Commerce

The production and sale of newly produced consumer items is not a sustainable practice. The manufacturing, transportation, and packaging of these goods alone is impactful on the environment. A process that not only requires many materials, but also vast amounts of energy, which often derive from non-renewable resources.

04 JANUARY 2021

What’s in Store for E-commerce and Returns in 2021?

Our prediction is that we’ll also see a rise in the number, and popularity, of sustainable and secondhand brands on the market in 2021. Especially those associated with fashion and apparel. During the pandemic, fashion resale platforms have witnessed an upswing in sales and usage.

Whitepaper: Consumer 'Return Reasons'

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