Happy Holidays!

Every day we try become more sustainable both on a company and personal level. We create sustainability products, use recycled materials, sort garbage and much more. But sustainability is not only about environment, it is also about social impact. 

That is why this year we have decided instead of buying Christmas presents for our clients, we want to make donations on your behalf.

We have decided to support local organisations that need our help more than big brands and we have asked Cycleon team for ideas. We have received many proposals and from that list we have chosen four charities that you can choose from. Cycleon team is very international, so you will see that we have chosen organisations from around the world. Below you can read more about each one and decide where you would like to donate you “Christmas present”.



Masanga Hospital in Sierra Leone

Masanga Hospital in Sierra Leone has been badly damaged 10 years ago by to the civil war. With that, hardly any medical care has been available to a lot of people. The Masanga Netherlands foundation supports the hospital by providing training for staff and improving the healthcare.

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Hospice Casa Speranţei

Hospice Casa Speranţei in Romania

Hospice Casa Speranţei is a foundation that is set up to ensure that all patients with incurable illnesses benefit from free palliative care. With this, the goal is to improve the quality of patients’ life so that they can live every moment with their families and loved ones.

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Instituto Pró-Saber SP in Brazil

Instituto Pró-Saber SP is a non-profit civil society organization, it was developed to fill in the gap of early childhood education and provide the children with the same opportunity. Their mission is to end inequality, by defending and guaranteeing that every child has the right to read and play. 

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Het Vergeten Kind in the Netherlands

Het Vergeten Kind is a charity that is committed to help children in the Netherlands. The goal is to provide a safe and loving home for kids that are having a hard time dealing with serious situations at home, where they have been neglected or mistreated.

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