Engaging with Marketplaces Through Returns

Engaging with online marketplaces is a great way to grow your brand and expand in new markets, both faster and with less effort. Selling through marketplaces can widen your consumer base by introducing your products to new audiences through existing and familiar platforms. 


To secure these benefits it is important that your returns flow can integrate with various online marketplaces and their existing setup. Here’s where working with a returns management expert, such as Cycleon, can make this process easier. By providing existing solutions that are marketplace and returns policy compliant. Including returns management software and easy integrations, marketplace preferred postal carrier networks and KPIS in-line with marketplace requirements.  

    • Save time and money
    • Optimize your returns process
    • Access expertise and gain knowledge of the latest market trends
    • Simplify the process of integrating in new markets and with new marketplaces

Establishing & Growing Your Brand in New Markets

We understand that growing in a new market is both an exciting yet complex task. A process which takes a lot of time, money and resources. As your partner, our services and existing network can help your business flourish and nurture a better channel strategy. Whether this be in an existing market, a new area, or both. 

Expanding in a new market requires forward-thinking. Our experience in global reverse logistics means that we offer a solid knowledge of market trends. Investing in a future-proof returns flow, which works for both you as a brand and aligns with marketplace processes, is a costly process. A process that, if not optimized, may become cost-draining. If done well however, a strong and easy to sustain returns flow will save you money in the long run and help you to protect your bottom line and retain profits. 

Ensuring that Customer Experience is Upheld 

We understand that customer satisfaction is key. Happy customers will recommend your brand to friends and family, boosting your public image and increasing future sales. That’s why our returns solutions are catered to both retailers and their consumers.  Transparency and communication with your customers are an important step to securing customer loyalty and satisfaction. Bonding your returns solution with those of marketplaces requires the technical integration of online tools and software that reach out to communicate with customers. This often includes the status of returns, refund requests and track & trace functions. 

Solutions to Integrate your Operation with Marketplaces 

So, you’ve secured a deal to sell through an e-commerce marketplace – what next?  It’s time to integrate your brand and logistics chain with that of the marketplace. This too can be tricky without existing experience or expert help. It involves not only logistics, but also warehouse activities and online software programs. All the while, your customer experience should be kept in mind.  That’s where our well-established global network can help out. We not only have existing engagements with postal carriers and warehouses locations, but we accommodate a number of technical integrations for online software. For example, we offer a standard API to be easily consumed by ecommerce platforms, ERP systems and CRM systems such as: 
    • Manhattan 
    • Oracle 
    • Microsoft 
    • Magento 
    • Shopify 
We also offer customizable webhooks to update these systems with required data. This includes tracking, refunds, return reasons, location and payment. Whether you need assistance with technical or logistical integration with marketplaces, we’re here to help and advise on the best option for your brand and goals.  In short, engaging with online marketplaces can be a springboard to establishing and growing your brand within new regions. This is a process that should be invested in, as it increases revenue channels, brand exposure and consumer reach. Although, as mentioned, this process can become complex and perhaps a cost-drainer, if not done effectively and efficiently.    Reach out to learn how we can create a custom solution to help your brand develop in new and multiple regions. 

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