Last year e-tailers witnessed their first ‘pandemic peak’. The heightened volumes usually seen throughout peak season were exacerbated by the rise in popularity and usage of e-commerce channels during the pandemic.

As a result of store closures, peak season began earlier and lasted longer with consumers buying and returning online purchases in higher numbers and over an extended period. The same is expected for 2021, with online shopping most likely remaining as the dominant form of commerce for a second year.

Looking for new tools and tips to use this peak season? Read on to learn about just a few of our products and solutions that can help your brand tackle peak season optimally this year…

Postal Carrier Network

With a vast partner network of postal carriers and services, we can reduce the likelihood that your consumer’s returns will face delays. If one carrier is overwhelmed, we can easily switch our clients to an alternative carrier to keep lead times as short as possible.

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Paperless Labels

Our quick and convenient paperless returns labels not only reduces paper waste but also offers consumers a better overall returns experience. Additionally, such products automize the return process, facilitating a smooth, data-driven reverse logistics flow.

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Storage Capabilities

With networks and facilities often overwhelmed during peak, the ability to store returned items is beneficial. Short-term storage solutions give brands a longer window to decide where these items should be redirected to retain value and prevents these volumes from piling up in their own distribution centers.

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Data and Reporting

Hundreds of data events can be captured during the return process. This is critical information during peak season. Brands can use each set of product and returns data to make strategic decisions and forecast for future seasons. Transparency over each return gives full control to brands during this busy time.

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Get ready to the peak season 2021!

Looking for some additional quick tips and tricks on how to optimize your return operations ahead of the coming months? Check out our leading products online, or reach out to our experts for a discovery call. Contact us!

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