We manage returns
so you can focus on growth

With our global platform and logistics network, we optimize returns each step of the way. We provide seamless return experiences and reduce the environmental impact and cost of returns.

We Help You to Improve Your Customer Experience

Returns can no longer be an afterthought. Providing a great returns experience encourages future spending, heightens your brand image, and improves customer lifetime value.


Every customer is different, that’s why we offer and manage a variety of easy and convenient ways to return, combining both physical and digital channels.

Easy Integrations

We ensure that return solutions can be quickly and smoothly integrated with your existing setup, connecting all relevant users.

Local and Global

Our worldwide network of local return solutions ensures your customer has access to the same great experience, from any location.

Increase Your NPS Score
By 25%

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Achieve More With Rich Data & Insights

Our reporting platform informs all stakeholders throughout the return process, creating full visibility about the status of every return, as well as driving future actions.

Predict & Forecast

Our reporting tools help you to stay ahead of the game. Anticipate new trends, consumer demands and network changes such as busyness during peak, or customs delays.

Offer Tailored Solutions

Get to know your customers better with our detailed consumer behavior insights. Create a targeted shopping experience that will drive repeat spending and outperform competitors.

Reduce back-office workload by 50%
Savings 50%

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Optimize Your Return Costs

Managing carriers and local warehouses is expensive and time-consuming. By investing in your returns flow with our smart decisions and solutions, we can optimize these costs while you focus on selling.

Gain Insights

Our detailed insights provide the basis for further optimizations. Making sure that you’re investing in the right areas and gaining the best results.


With our existing global network and solutions, we manage efficient end-to-end returns for a great number of brands. We take full control of all returns operations, including systems, supplier and carrier management, contracts, and warehouse activities.

Cost reduction on returns management and customer service
Savings 50%

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Sustainable e-commerce

Offer Sustainable Returns Solutions

We’re committed to being the front-runner of reducing the environmental footprint of returns.

Reduce CO2e Emissions

We offer several green logistics solutions in our network that help reduce the carbon footprint of returns. Incorporating clean energy usage, consolidating shipments, and avoiding unnecessary transport wherever possible.

Promote Re-use

Through reconditioning and smart-routing we give returned products a second life, keeping products within the life cycle and operating within the circular economy.

Reduction of CO2 emission with Smart Routing and ECO 6 trucks
Reduction 20%

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